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Previously a service such as did not exist. Nurses wishing to access information or services pertinent to them can spend countless hours searching the Internet or directly contacting individual organisations. aims to offer information to the profession in a user-friendly manner, simplifying information gathering and making the services that your organisation offers more visible to the profession.

The websites are provided free of charge to nursing professionals with corporate and recruitment advertising supporting their activity. provides the linkage to our high-traffic and industry specific websites which are devoted to the nursing profession.

Advertising on these sites is an effective way to reach the nursing professionals who access the sites each day.

Our sites are brought to the profession by Australian nursing professionals who know the profession and know how to present your material to the profession. Our sites provide a comprehensive range of information and knowledge for people interested or involved in the nursing profession.


Advertising options range from casual advertisements to organisation profiles structured for larger organisations and businesses as well as small special interest groups. Profiles are where nursing organisations; businesses, consultants and agencies are promoted. Each profile is organized in a visually attractive and informative way of outlining your functions to attract interested parties to seek further information. More details about the profile’s content are provided in our advertising package descriptions. Profiles on our websites may consist of one or a series of hypertext-linked documents (files) providing comprehensive details of your services. A link to your website and contact details is provided.


Rates are quoted in different currencies dependent on the websites target geographic area. The currencies accepted are Australian and US Dollars and the Euro.

Casual, bundle and volume advertising rates can be found on each site.

Advertising packages are available to match employer requirements. Please contact our sales department to discuss your needs.

Banners, tiles and other forms of advertising

Banner Advertising is designed as an effective and eye-catching way of creating brand awareness of your company logo.

In addition the banner enables readers to ‘click through’ for further information on your company, that is, hypertext-links to your company’s profile or website. Banner advertisements can be structured in different ways on the site -horizontal, vertical, buttons etc.

Banner advertising space rates on our websites are based on the amount of user traffic accessing the various sections within the site. Pages (files) with a high number of ‘hits’ result in increased advertising exposure and are subsequently more expensive than less accessible pages. Positions for banner advertising are rated on different levels relating to their hit rate and accessibility with the websites.


Corporate Packages can be tailored to meet your organisations needs our staff will work with you to identify and implement the most suitable services for you.

All of our services are provided at highly competitive rates and provide continual advertising worldwide.

More Information

For more information please contact our sales staff during business hours Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10).