For Nurses by Nurses

Preparing for the Future

Knowing how to develop your professional understanding is vital to being nurse. Going to seminars, reading journals and keeping current with updates in health practices is a common requirement for nursing professionals. That is why setting yourself up for change and the future is your first stepping stone to building a great foundation of development.

Kate Birrell in her article ‘Shaping the Future’ in ACN’s The Hive magazine mentions how taking advantage of the ‘power of now’ is the best way to control your future.

“When I look back at my career, being ready for the ‘now’  has been very important.”says Kate

Taking a hold of the opportunities you are presented with now will help reveal where your future is situated. By applying yourself to learning and development courses you will be set for the future in your role. By taking advantage of the ones you are presented with rather than passing them by, you will be setting yourself up for further developments in your field when you find an opportunity that interests you presents itself. Rather than skipping the course, you would instead be filling in the missing link between your current understanding and the future.

These conferences and events are also a fantastic way to build your support network.

“… an important aspect of nursing leadership is to build your support networks.” says Kate Birrell

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