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New Docuseries “Scrubbing In” What do You Think of It?

Nurses have a PR problem?


The Globe and Mail

That’s the view of the Ontario Nurses’ Association, which is fed up with the “negative” image of nurses seen in the media – where they are too often portrayed as a profession of ” ‘doctors’ handmaidens,’ ‘battleaxes,’ and most prominent of all, ”naughty nurses.’ ”

The ONA, which is the union representing nurses in Ontario, is objecting to the new MTV reality series, Scrubbing In, which features a cast of buxom, hard-partying young nurses in California. Judging by the trailer, the cast is also shown in their workplaces, caring for patients and problem-solving before partying at night. (There is at least one male nurse in the cast.) But a letter from the Ontario association sees the many scenes depicting the nurses’ steamy nightlife as demeaning to the profession.

BUT – what do you think?

This is a link to the trailer for the series: