For Nurses by Nurses

About Us

NursingOne was born from the passion of Nurses who were looking to unify the industry and bring together a portal for nurses to share experience and look for work. The Nursing branch of Bowerbird Information services is your definitive portal for Nurses by Nurses.

NursingOne, a division of Bowerbird Information Services (ABN 31 083 997 817), has been in operation since 1999. NursingOne is responsible for collecting data and information about nursing and work in health related fields to be collected into a dedicated resource.

Working in conjunction with and, NursingOne offers a comprehensive portal to nurses in the industry or those new to the field.

To date, NursingOne works with around 800 companies and hospitals bringing thousands of jobs to nurses across the country and internationally. We have also been responsible for convening some of the most successful retention and leadership conferences for nurses in the southern hemisphere.

With a specialist focus on health care and nursing BBIS is building on nursing expertise to develop an internationally focused range of cost effective and user friendly niche Internet portals and job boards.

To provide career, education and employment content specific to the regions BBIS launched three geographically specific job boards: and in 2013.


Our vision is to:

  • provide health care professionals and employers with expert and professional services.
  • provide service delivery that is flexible and transparent with continuous communication with all engaged in the process.
  • continually use innovations in information technology to benefit the employers and nursing professionals;
  • to foster and develop a continuous quality improvement focus in our service provision; and to be responsive to changes in the healthcare industry.

For more information, see our contact page.