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Canada: Nursing profession swells with young recruits while older workers stay on the job

Nursing profession swells with young recruits while older workers stay on the job

By Charlie Fidelman, GAZETTE Health Reporter October 8, 2013

What nursing shortage?

A national portrait by the Canadian Institute for Health Information made public on Tuesday says the actual number of working nurses has grown by seven per cent in the last five years, outpacing growth in the Canadian labour force and population.

The number of nurses employed in Canada reached a total of 365,420 in 2012 — up by seven per cent since 2008. The profession is swelling with young recruits while older nurses are staying on the job, said CIHI spokesperson Andrea Porter-Chapman.

Yet despite the increases, hospitals continue to reduce or delay surgeries because they don’t have enough nurses to staff operating rooms and intensive care units.

Whether a province, region or community has enough nurses on hand is related to the population’s needs, its age, as well as to the distribution of the workforce and services, Porter-Chapman said.

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Canadian Nurses Association Says ‘It’s About Time’

Canadian Nurses Association Says ‘It’s About Time’               

Ottawa, October 28, 2013 — The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) campaign to raise awareness about nurse practitioners (NPs), which focuses on how NPs improve access to quality health care and reduce wait times, is being launched today in Ontario. More than four million Canadians are without access to a primary health care provider, while those that have one often have difficulty accessing care. The result is an unsustainable, heavily burdened and overcrowded health-care system. As the national professional voice of registered nurses (RNs), CNA strongly believes that adding more NPs will improve access, lead to a greater number of health-care options and enhance care for the whole patient.

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Greater Toronto Area Recruiting

From: CTV News September 2013

TORONTO — An Ontario hospital is turning Quebec’s proposed restrictions on  religious clothing in the public sector into a recruiting drive.

Lakeridge Health in Oshawa, Ont., is putting out an ad on social media and  in Montreal’s McGill student newspaper seeking doctors and nurses.

The poster depicts a woman wearing a hijab and a stethoscope with the  slogan, “We don’t care what’s on your head, we care what’s in it.”


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New Docuseries “Scrubbing In” What do You Think of It?

Nurses have a PR problem?


The Globe and Mail

That’s the view of the Ontario Nurses’ Association, which is fed up with the “negative” image of nurses seen in the media – where they are too often portrayed as a profession of ” ‘doctors’ handmaidens,’ ‘battleaxes,’ and most prominent of all, ”naughty nurses.’ ”

The ONA, which is the union representing nurses in Ontario, is objecting to the new MTV reality series, Scrubbing In, which features a cast of buxom, hard-partying young nurses in California. Judging by the trailer, the cast is also shown in their workplaces, caring for patients and problem-solving before partying at night. (There is at least one male nurse in the cast.) But a letter from the Ontario association sees the many scenes depicting the nurses’ steamy nightlife as demeaning to the profession.

BUT – what do you think?

This is a link to the trailer for the series: